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Is your name a Forsyth or are you related to one or descended from one? If so, have you ever thought of joining the Clan Forsyth Society? Clan Forsyth Society - Never heard of it? then now is the time to find out some more...

This is the Clan Forsyth crest to the right of the page, which every Forsyth is entitled to wear.

The Clan Chief is Alistair C W Forsyth of that Ilk, C St J, JP

About The Society

The Forsyth Family Association was founded in 1915, but it languished between the wars, so that the present Society was not formed until 1977. Our aim is to foster a sense of kinship between Forsyth’s the world over, and to further the reputation, interests, and aspirations of the Clan.

This last year has been a year like no other and one we will never forget, a global pandemic and the biggest economic downturn in nearly a century.

As a Society, we have never been so busy for it seems people during the lockdowns and with spare time took to the Internet to research their family ties.  We were pleased to help many of them with these enquiries.

The Internet meant that these enquiries came from all over the world. What this showed us was that people now prefer to do things on a virtual basis and hosting clan gatherings and meetings is probably a thing of the past. With this in mind we are now moving to a Virtual membership which would have no geographical limitations and would take advantage of our Scottish roots.

The advantages for such a membership would include:

How Do I Join?

It is simple to join the extended Clan Forsyth Family Society. Membership is open to everyone with the name Forsyth, in any of its forms, as well as to those who have a Forsyth somewhere in their ancestry. All it costs is £15 per annum, and this covers the whole family. You can also gift a membership to a relative.

A Clan Forsyth Society Certificate is included in the membership fee. These handsome certificates are in full colour, and incorporate the Arms of the Chief, by kind permission of Forsyth of that Ilk. The artwork will be sent for A4 size printing, so that they are ideal for framing and display. If you wish to order one of these, please send the name and place of residence which you wish to have inscribed on it, along with your remittance.

Application for Membership

Please fill in the Application for membership form to register your interest and send it to the address you see opposite. If you'd like any further information, please do not hesitate in contacting us.

Contact Details

Mr Bob Forsyth

56, Pennyhome Close

Kiveton Park


S26 6PT


t: 01909-574-096

m: 07725355362


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